The Mediterranean Union of Surveyors


A platform of exchange,
cooperation and partnership

We are strengthening the ties of cultural and professional exchanges between the surveyors of the Mediterranean Basin.

04 years of service dedicated to the profession

04 partenariats régionaux et internationaux

One of the main goals of the l’Union Méditerranéenne des Géomètres (UMG) is to strengthen professional exchange links with regional and international instances Like for example: Arab union of surveyors (UAG), the Francophone Geometricians' Federation (FGF), the liaison committee of the European surveyors and the International Federation of Surveyors (FIG).

These partnerships are centered around areas of common interest and that involves:

04 networks are set

The UMG has set 4 networks that have as a main goal to meet the expectations of the topographical engineer geometricians, and to deepen their Mediterranean roots :

UMG 2015


The Mediterranean union of land surveyors is a non-governmental organization, established in 2010
in Marseille, France by seven national honorary organizations and governed by laws from the following countries:
Morocco, France, Lebanon, Italy, Egypt, Algeria and Tunisia
The main goal of this institution is to meet the common expectations of the topographical land surveyors and to strengthen the ties that are inherent to their belonging to the Mediterranean region which is the birthplace of their common civilization.

Purposes & Goals

  • To strengthen the ties of cultural and professional exchange programs for Topographical land survey engineers from the Mediterranean basin
  • To set up a base for exchange, joint action and partnership
  • To strengthen the structure of the Topographical land survey engineering profession
  • To promote a high level of initial and continuous forming programs
  • To promote the exchange of persons and services
  • To develop partnerships on the professional market level
  • To set up for members of the orders and organizations of the UMG meetings with subjects related to the Mediterranean region and revolving about science, techniques and ecology
  • To promote the set up of training programs about professional education and the exchange of practitioners from the UMG member countries with emphasis on youth.

TheUMG rests on an ambitious action plan that aims at concretizing its goals.
The action plan breaks down to four major work axis:

  • To facilitate the free supply of services by practitioners
  • To guarantee a high level of onitian and continuous training
  • To strengthen the profession order in all if the Mediterranean region countries
  • To come within the scope of the criteria of sustainable development...


1st Congress of the UMG

From 17th to 18th april, 2015
Palais des congrès - Marrakech

The Permanent Committees

In order for the UMG to commit itself to concrete actions and to achieve its plan of action, two permanent committees have been set up :

  • Committee 1 : Training
  • Committee 2 : Professional relations


UMG's founding contries :

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